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About Damien Elliott About Damien Elliott

Damien Elliott was exposed at a very young age to progressive non-figurative paintings and pieces of art due to the inspirational career of his father, an acclaimed abstract painter.

Playful entrepreneur, Damien Elliott designs and conceives Brandings, User Interfaces and digital strategies at Projection INC as a creative director.
He recently converted himself to conceptual artwork creation.

About Damien Elliott’s conceptual artworks

Each of my creation belongs to a series, deals with a primary matter and is build after some specific data. These categories help sorting those artworks out throughout chosen filters. It also reveals the global meaning of my work and the purpose of my work

Meaningful series

Each series get together different artworks around a common statement or a collective meaning. For example, the series Altered echo gathers concepts that share the following statement : Every translation is an alteration.

Creative primary matter

The primary matter defines the area of knowledge within each artwork falls. For example, the primary matter Pop culture links artworks using pop culture references such as TV shows, Sports, Books, Music, Videogames etc.

Data is everywhere, data is anything

Finally, the data attribute establishes the specific reference of each visual concept. For example the data NBA sorts all the artworks that were inspired by the famous Basketball association.

Damien Elliott’s Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Every visual concept belongs to a limited edition of six (6) copies that can be signed and numbered on demand. For every piece
— 1 copy is printed in red
— 2 copies are printed in Blue
— 3 copies are printed in Black


— Fine Art Canson Edition Etching 310g
— 100% cotton, acid-free, no optical brightener
— ISO 9706 compliant


Epson Ultrachrome HD pigment ink

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— +33 7 81 66 23 04
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