Strange Alien Outside

2020. NBA Finals — LALMIA

2019. NBA Finals — GSWTOR

One bad worm can spoil the bunch


170 years

Ding Dong

2010. NBA Finals — LALBOS

Wild Rumpus

Some Kind of Monster

Blue Tape Compass

Bone Eggshell Nimbus

TWD 131

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2015. NBA Finals — GSWCLE

Goat Race

BTL fraction

Fortune Rookies

2016. NBA Finals — GSWCLE

2000. NBA Finals — LALIND

1994. NBA Finals — HOUNYC

1993. NBA Finals — PHOCHI

1987. NBA Finals — LALBOS


Dropping Decades

Uneven Echo

Observe Reverses

Shredded Money

Stretching Waves

Indd Moth

1986. NBA Finals — HOUBOS

Shredded Pi

Goose Game

Lost in DC

Windy City

Spinal Eggs

Ma Me Ju Ve Sa Ur Ne Ea

Star Ringo

Post Rock Bottom

Turning escalator


Just Dewey

Dealey Plaza