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Pour Traits

This series deals with celebrities and the way we people instinctively interact emotionally with them. Pour Trait is a tribute to pop culture and its icons, from Marilyn Monroe to the Reebok Pump.
It questions our perception of celebrities and the function they play as human icons in our societies.
Do we really make a clear distinction between the commodities they produce and them as free regular human beings?
Here I define celebrities as “People whose faces are recognizable by most.”
If celebrities' popularity is build up by the commodities they produce and we consume, is it natural to consider that we made them and they owe us?
In fact, if we see celebrities as commodities, do we feel like we own them?
In the series Pour Trait, I render human faces as product barcodes.
Both are unique, were designed within rigorous guidelines and carry the accurate identity of the human being or the commodity.
If fame is a commodity, why not render human faces as products’ barcodes?
If the sight of a celebrity’s face contours triggers the downloading of data related to he him or she, do we feel emotions related to the commodity they produce or to the human being we see?
People scan faces. Barcode scanners read products’ barcodes.
We scan faces and we read barcodes. High security Cameras read faces and scan barcodes.

Primary Matter