Up to 1 Million Digits of Pi (π) — Ready to copy and paste

I use Pi digits as the Primary Matter of some of my Visual Concepts. In this article I share with you the first million digits of Pi 3,14. ready to Copy and Paste!

Shapes of Stories analysis by Kurt Vonnegut

Or why we get the awkward feeling of watching the same movie over and over again.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” from the Shining movie — Visual analysis of the typewriter scene manuscript.

Get a deeper look at Jack Torrance’s manuscript from the 1980 psychological thriller film, The Shinning.

1 million words — ready to copy and paste (Lorem Ipsum)

What does 1 million words look like? We played with a 1’000’000 words text file and here are the statistics we gathered. You can also donwload it for free.

1 million dots — ready to copy and paste (····…)

Here is a 1 million dots file using only the ” · ” character : Hope you will make something creative with it. If that’s the case, please drop me a line on instagram : @damienelliott_ 1 million dots

Dwight Schrute ASCII art portrait, Pam’s “summer project”

In The office (US) season 5 episode 2 “Weight Loss: Part 2”, Jim is chatting on his computer with Pam who is at the time studying in her Art school in New York City. During their conversation she tells her soon to be engaged boyfriend that she just finished her “summer project” and sends a […]